About Me

Hi. My name is Ken!

I am a self taught web developer. I taught myself HTML, CSS, and Javascript for a year before I started my first professional gig in 2016.

I came into this field as a junior developer, and quickly became the Lead Developer for the Front End Team. I was very surprised when my team asserted that I become their lead developer. It’s only a team of 3 developers with me included, but I still thought it was a big deal.

Reading The Design of Everyday Things by Don Norman has inspired me so much about user experience that it urged me to get heavily involved in the design of user interfaces and user experience flows. Since I am involved in the design and implementation I get to see an application develop from my low fidelity design and materialize on the screen, this brings me some form of satisfaction.

I specialize in front end development with Typescript but I also participate in some backend work by writing dotnet/c#. I do Angular at DataLogic, and play with React during off hours.

One of my passion is functional programming. I love it! I constantly learn about it and implement its concepts in our projects. I also mentor my team about it and guide them in how to implement these concepts into our project.

On top of playing with React on my free time I also play with a lot of Haskell.

You’re probably wondering what, who, where piq9117 is. Well, piq9117 was my identity in our computer system back when I was working as a nurse, and that identity has a special place in my heart that’s why I still keep it around.